We provide sevices for the following industries:


– Mattress & Bedding

 – Leather shoe and bag

– Automotive Interior Detailing

– Sports and Recreation

 – Transport and Storage

 – Military Surplus

The History of Bryer Manufacturing

Bryer Manufacturing was first established in the shoe industry and was founded in 1965. In the early days, Bryer Manufacturing, owned by Graham Bryer, employed close to 200 employees. Bryer started off in Caledonia, in the 60s and Bryer planted their roots there for over 20 years.

Graham Bryer had started with Bryco and when his father passed on he was given Jack Bryer & Co, Graham also had ties with David Barry and was able to amalgamate all 3 companies into one.

Due to Bryer Manufacturing’s diversification, they were able to move into a bright future, being one of the only garment manufacturing companies that offered a full line of services.

In the 70s, Bryer Manufacturing followed the trends and started heat sealing, as this fad took over in the late 70s and early 80s they had heat sealed thousands of kitchen chairs.

Into the late 80s and early 90s Bryer Manufacturing sunk their teeth into specialized piping and binding. Once the shoe market went overseas, Bryer Manufacturing was able to move their focus on to fabric biasing and slitting. Over the next 30 years, Bryer Manufacturing became a leader in their field.

Bryer Manufacturing started working with many reputable companies over the years, such as Roots Canada, Canada Goose, Aslan Leather and Brown Shoes in Perth, as the competition started to drop off they picked up many more clients, now serving a customer base of over 500 customers. Bryer’s Manufacturing team has the knowledge, experience and reputation for excellence in their industry.

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